The Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in London & UK

20 years of experience


Improving Teamwork & Communication

The Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in London & UK

20 years of

Improving Teamwork & Communication



Laughter Keynote Speaker

Lotte Mikkelsen is a renowned professional laughter expert, trainer and keynote speaker for business conferences and corporate events across the UK.

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Lotte Mikkelsen is an exceptional keynote speaker that has been inspiring and motivating audiences since 2008.


Lotte is a one-of-a-kind
speaker that can leave a lasting impression in any event.

Professional Workshops

Workshops are tailored to focus on reducing stress, better teamwork, greater confidence.


The 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training kicks off your journey to more laughter.

About Lotte

Lotte Mikkelsen is an exceptional Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and Keynote Speaker, renowned for her expertise in helping leaders, executives and entrepreneurs maximize their potential.

With over 20 years of experience in coaching, training, and development, Lotte has worked with a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and start-ups.

Her delivery style is unique, combining a deep understanding of human behaviour with practical business acumen, which helps her clients achieve outstanding results.

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Why Choose Lotte?

With her wealth of experience and deep understanding of human psychology, Lotte is able to provide her clients with the tools and strategies they need to succeed, both professionally and personally.

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