Professional Workshops

YOUR experience

When you enquire about a laughter workshop you can be certain I will listen to your requirements and to your wishes for the group who will be laughing.

My laughter workshops are specifically tailored with your group in mind and the fee you pay for me to share less stress, better teamwork, greater confidence, improved communication and other key elements needed for succesful worklife and personal life is a reflection of the long-term value you have the potential of obtaining.

More than 15 years of delivering professional workshops based on Laughter Yoga and other therapeutic laughter methods have given me an insight into the true benefits that is available to every participant when they willingly allow it to happen naturally through shared laughter.

The laughter workshops are typically 45 minutes to 2-3 hours, however day-workshops are also available as well as 15-30 minute ice breakers.  A workshop is tailored for the particular group of people and the organisation it is held within and may therefore vary slightly in content.

My experience shows that participants find most inspiration in the interactive games and exercises.  However, general information and interesting facts are part of the workshop along with the physical activities.

These are very personal workshops and all participants are encouraged (but not forced) to take part in all exercises.  Participants often feel a strong sense of connection and team spirit at the end of each workshop.  It provides renewed energy and focus, and “tools” that they can actively take away and use in their lives, both at work and at home.

There is no doubt that the health benefits of laughter are extensive.

Many diseases today are caused by stress and anxiety arising from conflict in the workplace, and by laughing we release natural chemicals into our body, which lower our stress levels and put us in a much more positive frame of mind, able to cope with work and life outside work.  Laughter can be used as a tool to get through tough times, whether these are caused by mental challenges, physical issues, or “circumstances” in general.

After a Laughter Workshop you feel energised, bonded with your group, and ready for any challenge!

In the past apart from running team building, stress management and communication workshops in corporate businesses and public sector organisations, I have also run various themed campaigns for clients, including launch of the White Malteser Ice Cream what seems a life time ago as well as a 10-minute morning energiser for a Nestle Ice Tea summer campaign held in Greece.

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